ArtisTree is curating a new brand of resorts called Avalon.

A Collaboration of Designers

Fusing intelligent design, sustainable construction, expert craftsmanship, and years of experience in operational management, ArtisTree is partnering with O2 Treehouse to develop a collection of luxury treehouse resorts under a new hotel brand, Avalon. ArtisTree and O2 Treehouse offer years of experience in aerial construction, hospitality design, and guest management, bringing both the experience and the expertise needed for a successful venture in the eco-tourism and commercial hospitality markets.

Offering Unique and Unforgettable Experiences

Avalon is a partnership between experienced craftsmen, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and artists. Avalon seeks to blend the expertise of two highly skilled aerial design and build firms to offer guests a unique, luxurious, and unforgettable experience in the trees. Each Avalon property is a sustainably operated treehouse resort dedicated to local food, culture, and environment – seeking to immerse guests in nature without a compromise in creature comforts. We’re taking a unique approach to the resort industry, crafting our collection of resorts with the wellness of both our guests and the environment in mind. After all, Avalon is more than just a resort; it’s an experience in the trees.


Avalon and its partners are stewards of the environments in which we build, seeking to teach and excite guests about nature and conservation.

The impact of each Avalon property goes beyond luxury accommodations and amenities. Using sustainable construction and operation practices, each Avalon resort acts to conserve the environment around it. We always build responsibly, taking great care to promote the health of our land and to minimize our carbon footprint. After all, nature is an essential part of our experience.

Our goal is to promote the wellness of both our guests and our land, preserving the natural beauty of our properties. Our low-impact business model is both responsible and attractive to potential guests.

Guest Experience

Staying at an Avalon property is an experience that connects you with nature without a compromise in luxury. Each guest room is suspended by the trees, a unique and enchanting adventure that sees you sleeping among the stars.

Each Avalon property is carefully selected and offers endless opportunities for enjoying the natural world.

Our resorts will feature a variety of amenities, including:

  • Meditation rooms and yoga studios
  • Wellness spas
  • Juice and smoothie bars
  • Farm-to-table dining
  • Garden for fresh vegetables and herbs
  • Local culture and artisan market
  • Reengineered business center

Our resorts will offer a variety of activities, including:

  • Hiking, walking, and other outdoor activities
  • Cooking, gardening, and other classes
  • A variety of personal health and wellness activities

A Sense of Place, A Sense of Community

Avalon resorts around the world seek to integrate guests with the place and community in which they are staying. Avalon resorts will provide guests the opportunity to experience local culture, music, food, and people by offering a variety of activities that get guests into the local community.

Each Avalon resort is influenced by the culture, traditions, and landscape of its local environment. These cultural and local aspects are highlighted in our resorts, rather than hidden. Whether guests take a class taught by a local expert, purchase goods from local artisans, book an adventure with one of our guides, or blaze their own trail in the area, guests will find themselves immersed in local culture and beauty, which is attractive to modern travelers.

How can you join?

Impact Investing

We are seeking investors who want to be a part of an exciting new brand of resorts centered on guest experiences, environmental stewardship, and market growth. If you are an impact investor, looking to invest in a venture that is much more than profitable, please contact us now to arrange a meeting.

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