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For over a decade, ArtisTree’s artistic designs have been featured internationally in media from the New York Times’ travel section to Architectural Digest. We have won international awards in the hospitality industry and delighted our customers from individuals to resort guests. Here is a sampling of our media coverage:

“Treehouse Adventures & Accommodations in Texas That Will Have You Swooning” – Texas Hill Country

If you’ve ever dreamed of living like the Berenstein Bears, or your dad was the cool neighborhood Dad that built you the local clubhouse high in a backyard tree, then you probably miss the good ole days when having a treehouse was cool. The good ole days are not gone, and you are not dreaming. There are actually places in Texas where you can relive those fond memories, and make new ones, by staying in a treehouse!”

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“Treehouse Hotels Are Now Fabulously Luxe” – Bloomberg Pursuits

“Last fall, this little eco-retreat on the Pacific coast of Mexico, 35 minutes south of Zijuatanejo, opened up a dramatic, cylindrical treehouse as a sort of experiment. The whole resort strives to have a “less than zero” footprint, so making it work required creative architecture, as to not disturb the towering palm trees. Yet work it did—it’s been selling out months in advance—so owner David Leventhal and the California-based crew at ArtisTree Homes are now building another half-dozen.”

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“Solar-powered cylindrical Treehouse in Mexico is made with sustainable bamboo” – Inhabitat

“At 700 square feet, the treehouse is designed to “visually intrigue and highlight sustainable strategies to deliver a natural immersive guest experience,” according to Deture Culsign. The treehouse is built six feet off the ground amidst palm trees, which act as “living piers.” There is a bedroom with a king bed, lounge area, built-in hammock, and private bathroom in the treehouse. California-based ArtisTree constructed the the treehouse.”

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“Free Sprits” – Boutique Desgin

The designers of three noteworthy new independent hotels show how bending (or breaking) the rules can lead to a memorable guest experience.”

“Translating the organic silhouette of a leaf into a bedroom that could fit a queen-size bed presented Beliharz with his first logistical headache: finding an eco-friendly but pliable indoor wall treatment. “Two walls are curved, so it was a challenge finding anything that would bend around them,” he says. The ultra-thin plywood he eventually settled on serves as the base for a chic dark green paint treatment.”

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VIVA Lifestyle and Travel compliments ArtisTree’s Playa Viva treehouse suite in Juluchuca, Mexico with a feature in an article showcasing a variety of exceptionally unique treehouse accomodations. The treehouses have “perfectly re-imagined the classic childhood sanctuary with a twist of luxury and glamour,” author Carrie Pallardy writes. “The only thing left to do is book your escape and become one with nature.”

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At the 12th annual Hospitality Design Network Awards, ArtisTree’s treehouse suite at Playa Viva resort in Juluchuca, Mexico won in the Sustainability and Lifestyle categories, as well as Best in Show out of all winning hospitality projects. ArtisTree’s treehouse was also featured on the cover of Hospitality Design’s June, 2016 magazine cover, which can be found here.

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The Austinot’s article, highlights the importance of following your passion and not giving up on your dreams. Writer Judy Rea Merhar describes ArtisTree’s President and Co-Founder Will Beilharz as “an architect who pulls at nostalgia’s heartstrings.” He takes the creativity of a child’s unencumbered mind, combined with the practicality of years spent observing nature and studying sustainable design to create treetop masterpieces

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