If you can dream it, we can build it

As a design and build firm, ArtisTree is committed to turning your dreams into a tangible, living structure. We are equipped to handle a variety of treehouse construction projects – from small birding or lounging platforms or children’s playhouses, to complete treehouse homes, and even treetop resorts offering rich guest experiences.

Whether your treehouse be commercial or residential, for business or for pleasure, ArtisTree is proud to offer a range of services that will help you make your dream come true. We are equipped to assist you with all aspects of the build process, including your project’s design and engineering, planning and permitting, and final operational maintenance. ArtisTree can provide full service craftsman construction, expert carpentry, welding, electricity, plumbing, and cabinetry. Our craftsmanship delivers form, function, and environmental stewardship, connecting you or your guests with the beauty of nature.

We offer several tiers of service to all clients to help you realize your dreams:

Design + Consultation

ArtisTree offers its wealth of creative design expertise while collaborating with you to design the treehouse of your dreams.

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Residential Treehouse

ArtisTree will construct a completely livable structure for you and your family to enjoy, complete with a range of modern utilities and functional space integrated with the beauty of your land.

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Commercial Treehouse

Using our expert knowledge of ecotourism and international award winning hospitality design, ArtisTree will work with you to develop enticing accommodations for your guests. We understand the importance of creating unique guest experiences while staying within budget and preserving the natural beauty of the space, and our proud to offer a variety of construction products from single-family accommodations to treetop resorts.

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Of course, client input and design meetings are an integral part of our construction process, no matter which tier of service you choose.

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