An ArtisTree treehouse is a co-creation with its surroundings, fusing art, nature, and engineering.

ArtisTree specializes in complete custom treehouse builds, leading your project from its initial concept design through its construction and maintenance. We know trees and pride ourselves on being experts in aerial construction and creative design, giving your project the attention to detail that it deserves.

Your Treehouse

For ArtisTree, no idea is too small or large, too simple or complex. We strive to turn your dreams into reality and we have extensive experience building a variety of treetop structures. We can build any treehouse you imagine, from simple birding or lounging platforms and children’s aerial playrooms to treetop homes, complete with modern amenities.

Cost Breakdown

Sapling Treehouse • Basic Treehouse

Design fee: 10% of total cost
Average build cost: starting at $50,000

Mature Treehouse • Complete Treehouse

Design fee: 10% of total cost
Average build cost: starting at $100,000

Heritage Treehouse • Luxury Treehouse

Design fee: 10% of total cost
Average build cost: starting at $150,000

The Build Process


Construction projects require coordination between landowners, third-party agencies, inspectors, and mother nature. ArtisTree’s well-oiled process, however, makes the journey smooth and efficient. We’ll conduct a site visit and survey your property to locate ideal building conditions, invite an arborist to assess the health of trees being considered, and complete the designs for your project (with your input, of course).

Installation & Construction

Here’s our process for installation & construction:

-We source and fabricate building materials from sustainable and/or local suppliers.

-We construct a “dry fit” on the ground, where we have maximum control over each piece of your treehouse.

-We begin rigging, meaning we hoist each piece into the tree to create the bones of the structure.

-We install a bridge, stairs, or unique entryway so guests can access the living structure, finishing with custom carpentry and interior design. We specialize in fine woodworking and offer craftsman furniture, bar tops, and other finish-work to complete your guests’ custom treehouse.


Inspections are recommended annually to ensure a solid relationship between your treehouse and the tree supporting it. During an inspection, an ArtisTree builder will analyze your treehouse, your trees, and your land to guarantee the structure’s integrity. As a thank you for building with ArtisTree, we are currently offering the 1st year inspection fee free of charge, with the exception of any travel or lodging costs.

Annual Inspection Cost: $2,500 (plus applicable travel and lodging costs)

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