Connor is a bright and positive boy who has struggled with Kidney issues since he was 5 years old. After a routine physical, when he was beginning elementary school, doctors determined that he would be needing Kidney dialysis three times a week. After years of this ongoing treatment, Connor’s parents received the life-changing call, regarding a kidney transplant. During the process, Connor requested a “Pirate Ship treehouse” from Make-A-Wish Foundation. In the search to fulfill his dream, Make-A-Wish was pointed in our direction to guide Connor’s dream to fruition. Trying to keep it as true to a real pirate ship as possible, we were able to create a two-level treehouse with a mast, sail, and helm for Connor to confidently steer his way through the wind. A cannon and several porthole windows were added to support the theme, as well. Residing in a redwood tree in the backyard of Connor’s family home, the treehouse is fittingly built mostly of Redwood. If you would like to read more about this story please check out our blog post:   Pirate Ship Treehouse Blog