Deep in the heart of Central Texas, among the rolling hills and babbling springs, ArtisTree has designed and built Austin’s first treehouse resort at Cypress Valley. The newest addition to this eco-luxury retreat is Yoki Treehouse.  Yoki is a Hopi Native American word for rain and Yoki Treehouse is dedicated to the precious rain that feeds this beautiful region’s springs and aquifers.

A fully-equipped private sanctuary for couples, adventure seekers, artists, and families, ArtisTree nestled Yoki Treehouse between two old-growth bald cypress trees. The 500 square foot luxury getaway rests 25-feet above a spring-fed creek that inspired the design and the name, according to Will Beilharz, founder of ArtisTree. “Water is life—one of our most precious resources, and Artistree treehouses are designed to let people experience nature’s resources more intimately,” he adds. Water’s graceful flow through this creek is reflected throughout the minimalist design that uses local and sustainable materials such as elm, cypress, and spruce. In fact, water works its way into the design in many ways, from the Onsen-style soaking tub in the bath house, to the babbling stream that winds between the two majestic trees supporting the treehouse.

Yoki Treehouse has both the suspended treehouse and a separate bathhouse that are connected by a 60-foot suspension bridge. The bathhouse sits at the edge of the ravine with floor to ceiling windows for bird watching and stargazing from the comfort of a custom soaking tub.