It’s Hard to Change Perfect, so we don’t.

Committed to sustainability and regeneration, ArtisTree builds in concert with the environment rather than over it. We incorporate elements of the local landscape in each design, using responsible construction practices. Each structure strikes a natural balance between the client’s economic and recreational goals, while preserving the beauty of the land with its architecture. After all, when nature gives you a perfect foundation, why not use it? Our designs and building practices have the following key elements at their core:

Core Design Principles


Biomimicry is the architectural practice of replicating the design and energy patterns inherent in nature because of their inherent efficiency and elegance. ArtisTree incorporates biomimicry in all of its designs, resulting in buildings that are both beautiful and sustainable.

Immersion Architecture

Immersion Architecture is a design methodology that weaves aspects of local biology, history, and culture into the composition of modern structures. We study land topography, existing flora and fauna, regional culture, and weather patterns before drafting a design and integrating the innate beauty of each into our projects.

Living Structures

Living Structures are those that are fully integrated with their surroundings and able to adapt to the natural growth, movement, and changes of their foundations. ArtisTree builds for longevity by considering these natural shifts in its designs. Although a new trend in modern architecture, ArtisTree’s emphasis on tree-based buildings has made ‘living structures’ part of the fabric of our techniques for over a decade.

Building Practices That Steward Your Land & The Planet

Sustainable & Local Materials

To reduce our carbon footprint, ArtisTree strives to use local and sustainable building materials in our construction. We source our materials from responsible and ‘green’ practice vendors and local artisans. Occasionally, we even harvest raw products, on-site. ArtisTree considers environmental, social, and economic impact over the entire lifecycle (from initial extraction to final disposal) when selecting materials.

Low Impact Construction

ArtisTree’s building techniques are low impact and preserve the beauty of the project space. You’ll never see us using heavy machinery or brute force to accomplish what thoughtful planning, expert rigging, and responsible construction can do. We pride ourselves on being some of the most environmentally sensitive builders in the industry.

Recycling & Up-cycling

Recycling & Upcycling is a fundamental process of ArtisTree’s design and building practice.

We love creatively repurposing used and worn materials into beautiful features in our projects. From vintage windows and repurposed wood to recycled blue-jean insulation and composite decking, we work with a variety of providers and manufacturers who specialize in recycled products.

Cost-Effective Designs


Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our construction to include your long-term use. All of our designs consider the most effective use of energy, from LED lighting to passive heating and cooling systems. We also include leading-edge water consumption, reclamation, and wastewater systems, where applicable.


No ArtisTree project is complete without renewable energy. Whenever possible, we utilize renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and water to power our treehouses. From our extensive observations of nature, we understand the necessity for naturally-replenishing power systems.