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For over a decade, ArtisTree’s artistic designs have been featured internationally in media from the New York Times’ travel section to Architectural Digest. We have won international awards in the hospitality industry and delighted our customers from individuals to resort guests. Here is a sampling of our media coverage:

“You can stay at this Airbnb located in Hawaii at the base of the world’s most active volcano.”

For a holiday location with a difference, an Airbnb is being offered that is located on top of a lava flow at the base of the world’s most active volcano. Phoenix House is located in Kalapana, four miles away from Mauna Loa on Hawai’i’the Big Island. It has erupted 33 times since 1843, but the last time was back in 1984, which might give you confidence to stay at the one-bedroom retreat.

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“This tiny house has an active volcano for a neighbor”

We’ve seen our fair-share of notable tiny houses, but putting one near an active volcano is definitely a first. Located in Hawaii, the recently-completed Phoenix House sleeps two people and runs off-the-grid with a solar power setup. If the thought of hot lava and ash doesn’t scare you off, it’s currently available for rent as a vacation home.
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“World’s most active volcano harbors a tiny off-grid home—and you can stay overnight.”

“The Phoenix House is a tiny off-grid home that truly befits its name. Rising from the ashes of the world’s most active volcano, this solar-powered abode built of recycled materials boasts spectacular views of the Hawaiian landscape. Available for rent on AirBnB, the Phoenix House promises an unforgettable, off-the-beaten track experience and is just a bike ride away from a 100-foot lava waterfall.”
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“Treehouse Adventures & Accommodations in Texas That Will Have You Swooning” – Texas Hill Country

If you’ve ever dreamed of living like the Berenstein Bears, or your dad was the cool neighborhood Dad that built you the local clubhouse high in a backyard tree, then you probably miss the good ole days when having a treehouse was cool. The good ole days are not gone, and you are not dreaming. There are actually places in Texas where you can relive those fond memories, and make new ones, by staying in a treehouse!”

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“Treehouse Hotels Are Now Fabulously Luxe” – Bloomberg Pursuits

“Last fall, this little eco-retreat on the Pacific coast of Mexico, 35 minutes south of Zijuatanejo, opened up a dramatic, cylindrical treehouse as a sort of experiment. The whole resort strives to have a “less than zero” footprint, so making it work required creative architecture, as to not disturb the towering palm trees. Yet work it did—it’s been selling out months in advance—so owner David Leventhal and the California-based crew at ArtisTree Homes are now building another half-dozen.”

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