Taking the word vacation to new heights

ArtisTree creates enchanted experiences, connecting guests with nature, inspiration, creativity, playfulness, peace, and vitality. By staying in one of our treehouse resorts, you are contributing to our mission of conservation and sustainability while experiencing a vacation that intertwines the beauty of nature with luxurious relaxation.

The Lofthaven

Austin, TX

This treehouse offers an experience like no other. Nestled in an ecologically rich valley this boutique villa offers an unparalleled view of nature from the branches of a huge cypress tree. Built with creature comforts in mind, the Lofthaven is equipped with a waterfall hot tub, tempurepedic mattress, full bathroom, and more…songbirds included. This treehouse is perfect for a weekend getaway, a romantic evening, or to spark inspiration, and creativity.

The Lofthaven design was inspired by the childhood of Will Beilharz, founder of ArtisTree. “Having lived in a yurt for many of my younger years, I knew it would be the perfect fit for a treehouse” says Will. Yurts, originally from Mongolia, are a round canvas structure. “There is an energy below, in, and above all trees”, comments Will. “Nutrients are flowing up from the earth, and down from the sun continually. Especially since the Lofthaven encompasses the tree I knew we needed to be in symbiosis with this energy flow. That’s why we went with a round structure.”

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The Nest

Austin, TX

This treehouse is uniquely crafted for families, and groups of up to six people. It encompasses a total of five massive cypress trees, one of which features an outdoor shower surrounded by passion vines. Along with having two bedrooms, the Nest has an observation platform for those big Texas night skies. The Nest also features an optional zip line entry. Guest can enjoy a zip-line canopy tour that leads to their over night accommodations while their vehicle is parked nearby. At the Nest you can listen to the sounds of the waterfall below, or laugh out loud as you play one of the many board games we’ve provided.

At the core of the Nest is the concept of reuse, and up-cycling. We’ve taken tender care to craft old, and unused things into gorgeous pieces of functional art. “Nature is very good at closing circuits, or loops,” comments Will. “From inert matter, to seed, growth, death, decay, and back to inert matter, nature has found a way to utilize every particle in its ecosystem. I designed the Nest in likeness to nature’s beautiful circle of life.” Featuring a recycled pallet wood wall, wood from old cider barrels, Mason jar chandeliers, and aged cypress wood floors, the Nest is a tribute to the word recycle.

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Willow & Juniper

Austin, TX

These sister tree houses offer a high-end camping experience under the comfort of the canopy. Nestled between four majestic cypress trees, these charming one-bedroom tree houses each include a queen size bed along with towels and refreshment cupboard, all under a roof resembling a leaf. Enjoy a cup of coffee on the balcony as you gaze out into the ravine or take an adventurous walk across the 40-foot suspension bridge for a dip in the lake. At Willow & Juniper, you can immerse yourself in nature while enjoying the comfort of luxury.

Willow and Juniper infuse the design concepts of biomimicry and sacred geometry to create a space filled with enchanting energy. We merged our passions for up cycling and nature into one sweet bedroom featuring a pallet wood headboard, craft-milled cypress window trim and a canvas roof inspired by the leaf of a Texas Ash tree. Will adds, “We used a canvas roof for Willow and Juniper because I wanted people to experience the pitter patter of rain, like camping in a tent.”

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Playa Viva

Zihuatanejo, MX

Supported by several palm trees on the beach of Playa Viva resort in Juluchuca, our open-air treehouse lends guests sweeping views of the ocean complete with modern creature comforts. Guests staying in our treehouse will enjoy an experience elevated above the sand, with the option to lounge in either the treehouse’s king size bed, unique in-floor hammock, or day bed. Guests will also appreciate the treehouse’s attached full size private bathroom, patio, and private garden, all of which is easily accessible from the main room. In addition to the luxury of our treehouse, guests have access to a variety of Playa Viva’s resort amenities, including spa and wellness services, yoga, massages, and healthy local food as well as local activities such as SCUBA diving, horseback riding, deep sea fishing, kayaking, and snorkeling.

Guests’ sense of place and connection with nature is only heightened by the luxury of the treehouse, which allows for breathtaking ocean views and refreshing breezes. “We didn’t want to hide the rustic nature of the environment,” Will Beilharz, owner of ArtisTree, said. “Rather, we wanted to encourage it by allowing guests to experience the raw reality of where they are.” In line with its focus on sustainability, ArtisTree sought to integrate the coast, the jungle, and the local Mexican culture into its design, a concept originally developed by Kimshasa Baldwin of Deture Culsign. Our Playa Viva treehouse is an enchanting experience that intertwines luxury amenities, adventurous activities, and pure relaxation.

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Phoenix House

Kalapana, Big Island, Hi
Surrounded by lava, the scene here is surreal. You are at Pele’s feet, just 4 miles away from the world’s most active Volcano — Kilauea. From your window, you can see the plume of smoke where the lava meets the ocean creating the newest land on earth. Smoking Volcano, Glistening Ocean, and miles and miles of dramatic black lava fields are all part of your expansive view and elemental experience here.
Phoenix House is a minimalist tiny home compound born from the lava and in reverence to the temporal nature of our lives. It is a unique retreat space for people to come visit in times of reverence, contemplation, and healing. If you are ever in need of a space to go to be reborn, come and rise from the ashes in Phoenix House!