Working in harmony with nature, ArtisTree will collaborate with you to design the treehouse of your dreams. Our treehouses are what we call “living structures” and are designed to move, breathe, and grow with their surroundings.

Custom Treehouse Design

You can hire ArtisTree’s team of planners and engineers to design your custom treehouse either by project or hourly engagement. We are happy to customize your design contract to fit your vision and meet your needs. We recommend a site visit prior to beginning a design–which allows us to familiarize ourselves with both you and your trees.

What can I expect during a site visit?

This is our opportunity to get to know you, your trees, and your vision. To begin, ArtisTree’s team of designers will pay you and your land a visit to chat about your concept, vision, and how we’ll turn these into reality. We’ll then explore your desired build site, familiarizing ourselves with the local trees and topography. ArtisTree’s team of designers will then survey the area, working with you to choose the best tree to support your new home. Finally, ArtisTree will draft concept sketches, using your feedback to confirm that our creative design matches your vision. Overall, a site visit allows us to meet you, your trees, and begin the process of turning your dream into reality while reducing chances of error in the final design process.

A site visit is included if you hire us by project and is not included, but strongly recommended, if you hire us per hour.

Design Cost By Project Type

Hiring ArtisTree for a full custom design includes a site visit with our expert designers, concept designs and sketches, and typically a professional CAD drawing for either us or your builder to work with. Our structures are designed with the health of your trees and land in mind and thus will not disrupt the natural growth of your tree, and instead accommodate it.

Small Treehouse Design:

The design fee is 10% of the effective total project cost, not including building plans. For example, if your project costs $40,000 to construct, including materials, labor, permitting, etc., our design fee will be $4,000, which includes a site visit, professional drafting, and consultation.

Luxury Treehouse Design:

Luxury treehouse designs include building plans, a site visit, professional drafting, and consultation. The cost of a luxury design depends on the nature and the scope of the project itself. We are happy to arrange a phone or Skype consultation with you prior to our site visit to discuss costs and your imagined design.

Treehouse Resort Design:

Call us to discuss your project and our involvement. We love making enchanted and hugely profitable ideas come to life!

Expenses associated with transportation, lodging, food, and travel time will be billed separately and are not included in the design fees. These expenses are free for site visits within two hours of Sebastopol or San Francisco, California.

Hourly Rates

Interested in building a custom treehouse but not sure if you’re ready to move forward on a full-scale project? You can hire ArtisTree’s design experts on an hourly basis through phone and/or Skype consultations. Whether you’re in the beginning planning stages or you’re an experienced builder needing expertise in aerial designs and a professional architectural drawing, we’re here to answer any of your questions and help you create a design concept that works.


ArtisTree design work and consultation
$150 per hour

ArtisTree CAD work
$100 per hour


Every treehouse is unique, and every tree is different. When building in trees, it is important to understand that the foundation of our structures is a living organism. ArtisTree’s extensive experience in tree construction equips us to design systems and structures that work with the tree on a natural level. However, we recommend consulting a local arborist or forester prior to construction and scheduling regular inspections of all treehouse trees.

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