An ArtisTree treehouse is a co-creation with nature that fuses art and engineering.

ArtisTree specializes in complete custom treehouse builds—from the initial planning and design stages all the way through post-build maintenance. We know trees and aerial construction better than anyone you’ll find, and your treehouse deserves the attention to detail required to create an enchanted retreat that is built to move and grow with your specific trees.

This option is best suited for those that want to be hands-free throughout the entire construction process. For ArtisTree, no treehouse is too small or too big, but to give you an idea of the different types of treehouses we build, here are some average costs. Remember every tree and treehouse is different, and each of these options is completely customizable.

Sapling Treehouse –
Children’s Treehouse

Design cost = 10% of total treehouse project
Average build cost = starting at $20,000

Mature Treehouse –
Complete Treehouse

Design cost = 10% of total treehouse project
Average build cost = starting at $50,000

Heritage Treehouse –
Luxury Treehouse

Custom design cost = $10,000
Average build cost = starting at $90,000

**Expenses associated with transportation, lodging, per diem, and travel time, are billed directly to client, and are not included in cost of design fees, construction costs, or other hourly rates. 

(Please note that ArtisTree will only build treehouses that we design. For more information on our design process, visit our Design + Consultation page.)

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Prebuild: ArtisTree designs require coordination between landowners, third party agencies and inspectors, and even Mother Nature; but our proven process makes the journey smooth and efficient. We’ll conduct a site visit and survey your property to locate ideal building conditions, invite an arborist to assess the health of trees being considered and with your input, complete the designs for your project.

Installation: First, we fabricate materials and put them together in a “dry fit” on the ground where we have maximum control to ensure the perfection of each piece of your treetop structure. Then we begin rigging: hoisting each piece into the tree to create the bones of the structure. Next we’ll install a bridge or stair apparatus so you can access the structure, and finish with custom carpentry and interior design. Specializing in fine woodwork, we can construct furniture, bar tops, and more to complete your project.

Post-build maintenance: Trees grow, and so do our designs. Early on in the first year, your aerial structure will stretch and adjust to its host. We’ll take care of any tweaks that need to be made during this period.

Cables will need to be adjusted every three to five years and annual inspections should be completed to confirm safety and reduce insurance expenses on the structure.

Inspections and Adjustments: Inspections are recommended annually to ensure a solid relationship between your treehouse and the tree supporting it. In addition, cables should be adjusted every 3 to 5 years. As a thank you for building with ArtisTree, we are currently offering the 1st year inspection FREE. Travel and lodging is still billed at cost.

Annual inspection and adjustments $2,500; plus travel fees.

If suited to you, we are happy to teach you how to inspect your own treehouse. However, we do not recommend this for anyone unfamiliar with building structures and we recommend always having an inspection done by an outside professional. All of our designs are made to last a minimum of 20 years under normal conditions with professional inspections.

ArtisTree does not provide inspections of the trees themselves and encourages clients to have an ongoing relationship with a local arborist.

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