At the root of ArtisTree designs lies a balance between enchanting creativity and a sound structure supporting natural growth.

ArtisTree can provide a full structural design including the foundation build for those who are interested in managing the treehouse build themselves. Whether you have a contractor picked out or you’re a DIY pro with building experience, ArtisTree will bring the expertise required to create a lasting structure in a living, moving tree. We will take care of all of your pre-build steps from a conceptual design to building the foundation. Once the foundation is there, you or your contractor can erect walls, add plumbing and electrical, and do the trim work yourself. And you will be confident your structure is on a foundation that will grow with and protect the life of the tree.

The Treehouse Foundation includes a full custom treehouse design as outlined on our Design + Consultation page along with the actual building of the living foundation. The living foundation is an integral part of the build process as it ensures your treehouse rests safely in the canopy without disrupting the natural growth patterns of the host tree. Our team specializes in designing and building customized living foundations that are specific to each treehouse design. Because each foundation plan is as unique as the tree it is in, the average build time of a living foundation is 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the design.

Please note that this stage of the design process requires an intimate survey of the host tree and a site visit will be required before designs are approved. The site visit not only allows us to get to know your vision and your trees better, but it helps us greatly reduce the chance for errors in the design process.

Treehouse Foundation

Site visit (excluding travel/lodging) – $5,000
Build Plans – $5,000 (Note: this price will vary depending on the involvement of another architectural firm creating CAD drawings.)
Treehouse Foundation – $20,000 (Note: Foundation Build – price will vary depending on materials used for foundation)

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